Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the heart of a region of timeless beauty, it is both a coastal and mountain resort which cultivates the charm of its originality and its contrasts. Nice reveals itself to you in all its diversity.

Take the time to discover it fully and taste all the experiences it offers. According to your mood, your desires and your expectations. Nice will know how to seduce you.

A city where everyone can find what they are looking for.

For all time, artists have been fascinated by the city`s radiance, the beauty of its landscapes and its relaxed atmosphere, all factors of creativity. They often have decided to make their home here, making their contribution to the diversity of pictural art trends.

Don`t miss out on the painters itinerary to follow in the footsteps of these Great Masters and discover the lanscapes which inspired them. Emotions guaranteed!

Make the most of your stay and visit the twenty Museums and Galleries and their prestigious collections by Matisse, Chagall, or the famous `Ecole de Nice`.

In Nice, art is also in the street : the city has been a real open-air contemporary museum. Travel through Nice with the tramway and follow the evening guided itinerary of the 13 works created by world-renowned artists which give the urban landscape its distinctive style.

Here culture is very much alive, it also has its musical declinations : pianists and saxophonists are to be found in informal locations, as well as more conventional settings, a large number of concert halls and theatres where you can sit back and enjoy a jazz concert or an opera ...

Originality, authenticity, avant-garde ...

de la 196 EUR
Localitate: Nisa
 Vezi panorama
Distanta: 1.5 km
Hotelul este situat la marginea orașului vechi, aproape de ștrand. Stația de autobuz de transport în comun: Gioffredo.
de la 140 EUR
Adresa: 3 Rue Gounod, 06000 Nice, France
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Localitate: Nisa
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Distanta: 0.1 km
Hotel de clasă mijlocie, amplasat într-o clădire din „Belle Epoque“, la cca. 400 m până la zona de promenadă de la ștrand. Stația de autobuz de transport în comun: Rivoli.
de la 78 EUR
Comte de Nice
Comte de Nice
Localitate: Nisa
 Vezi panorama
Distanta: 2.4 km
Hotel situat aproape de cel mai mare bulevard de shopping. Tramvai: stația Libération.
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