Granted, none of the seven wonders of the ancient world are to be found in Dresden. Back then, the river was probably still busy sculpting the natural features of the local sandstone. The wait was rewarded with a magnificent landscape, but in later times, the Elbe valley saw such a blossoming of architectural and artistic brilliance that the visitor today forgets to count and can only rub his eyes in wonder.
The Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), Royal Palace, Zwinger, Semper Opera House, Elbe castles, Villa Quarter, Hellerau garden city or the award-winning modern buildings – not forgetting the ‘Blue Wonder’ bridge to the east of the city centre. It seems the likes of Augustus the Strong and his successors were not prepared to wait for nature to finish the job; with their skill, artistry and determination, they filled the Grüne Gewölbe (Green Vault) and Türckische Cammer (Turkish Chamber) with treasures from all over the world, collected paintings and porcelain, and were patrons of the great composers. No wonder then that Dresden today ranks as a world-class city of art and culture.

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Ibis Dresden Konigstein
Ibis Dresden Konigstein
Adresa: Prager Strasse 9
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Dresda
 Vezi panorama
Distanta: 1.5 km
Amenajat în centru, în zona pietonală Prager Straße, la doar câteva minute de mers pe jos până la Gara Principala/Hauptbahnhof. Stația de tramvai: Hauptbahnhof, la cca. 300 m.
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Pullman Dresden Newa
Pullman Dresden Newa
Adresa: Prager Strasse 2c
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Dresda
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Distanta: 1.4 km
Cea mai bună poziție față de oraș, la strada comercială Prager Straße. La numai câteva minute de mers pe jos de orașul vechi. Stația de tramvai: Hauptbahnhof, cca. 100 m.
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Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe
Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe
Adresa: Neumarkt 9
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Dresda
Distanta: 0.1 km
Situat in Neumarkt, vis-a-vis de Frauenkirche. Clădirea a fost reconstruită după planurile initiale, dar în spatele fațadei în stil baroc, se ascunde un hotel cu o ambianță modernă, elegantă. Stația de tramvai: Pirnaischer Platz, la cca. 150 m.
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