Freiburg has a lot to offer-no matter whether you are interested in a stroll in the historic old town to learn about the culture and history of the city, whether you would like to spend some time in one of the many cafes and cosy pubs, or whether you would like to indulge in Badisch cuisine and hospitality.
Every visitor who comes to Freiburg always heads straight to the cathedral as soon as he catches a glimpse of the open-worked pyramids of the slender tower over the rooftops of the old town. Then he will stand, astonished, in front of the most beautiful tower Christianity, just as the famous historian and author from Baden, Carl Jakob Burckhardt had referred to the tower. Whilst many churches from the middle ages were completed only in following centuries, the tower, which is 116 meters high, was already completed by 1330.
Old town hall
It was assembled from 1557 - 1559 from many old houses. The fašade was originally completely painted. Since 2007 tourist information centre can be found in this building.

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InterCityHotel Freiburg
InterCityHotel Freiburg
Adresa: Bismarckallee 3
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Freiburg
Distanta: 0.5 km
Situat direct la gara principală/Hauptbahnhof. Restaurant, bar.
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