Saarbrücken is a smallish city with approximately 190,000 inhabitants and hence a pleasant size. Picturesque rural attractions and places of historic interest offering the perfect destination for a hike or a daytrip are in the close vicinity and even within the town itself. The cultural palette attracts visitors from far and wide.

Saarbrücken has experienced a diverse past in its over 1,000-year history. In 999 Emperor Otto III gave the royal seat “Sarabrucca” to the bishops of Metz as a gift. This is the first documented evidence of the town now known as Saarbrücken.

The 18th century buildings designed by the architect Friedrich Joachim Stengel were erected during the heyday of the Baroque period. His constructions moulded the face of the town and set the scene for its consequent architectural development.

The Saarland has frequently changed hands between France and Germany during the last 200 years. Since 1957 the region has been an integral part of the Federal Republic of Germany, but the common passion for all things French is unmistakeable. A certain “savoir vivre”, a “live and let live” mentality permeates the region’s atmosphere.

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Mercure Saarbrucken City
Mercure Saarbrucken City
Adresa: Hafenstr. 8
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Saarbrucken
Distanta: 0.7 km
Situat în inima orașului Saarbrücken, în imediata vecinătate a Halei de Congrese, pe malul râului Saar. Gara centrală (autobuz și tramvai) la cca. 300 m distanță.
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