Gdańsk is the city, which is a must to come and to visit all its attractions. The Main City (Główne Miasto), the Old City (Stare Miasto), Wrzeszcz, Oliwa, Sobieszewska Island… Each of those places hides stories that are worth knowing. In the very heart of Gdańsk - the Main City – it is worth visiting the middle-class interiors of the Uphagen House, Artus Court or the Old City Hall. The Royal Road (Droga Królewska) leads through chapters of history of the High Gate (Brama Wyżynna) and the Fore Gate (Przedbramie) with the Torture House, through the Golden Gate (Złota Brama), up to the Green Gate (Zielona Brama) at the Motława River. Mariacka and Piwna Streets will enchant you with city terraces in front of façades and gargoyles.

The National Museum, History Museum of the City of Gdańsk, the Polish Maritime Museum or the Archeological Museum are only official names that hide many institutions of various characters in the entire city area. The Oliwa Cathedral, St. Marys Church, St. Catherines Church - each tells a different story, attracting legions of tourists, hungry of spiritual experiences.

The art gallery, exhibitions, ambers, beaches, the lions of Gdańsk and the Lady from the Widow… It is worth feeling like a player on the board of history - to win Gdańsk, one must go all the way through all fields. At the end everyone will get a valuable price, which is worth spending time and worn soles. Each tourist will be awarded with memories that will for a long time. Go ahead then!

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Mercure Hevelius
Mercure Hevelius
Adresa: Ul. Jana Heweliusza 22
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Localitate: Gdansk
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Distanta: 0.6 km
Situta in centrul vechi al orasului, la scurta distanta de gara centrala
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