Poznan in nowadays the fifth biggest city in Poland, the capital of Greater-Poland region and the second biggest – only to the capital : Warsaw – economic centre of the country. It is the place – as the former Pope John Paul II said – where the history of the state, of the nation and of the church began.
At every step there history is intertwined with modernity. Walls of the oldest polish temple - Dobravas Rotunda - seem to look at a modern office building on the opposite side of the Warta river; the XIIth-centrury church of St. John of Jerusalem adjoins the most modern in Europe racing track for rowers and canoeists; a former the Huggers brewery has been furnished into the best shopping mall in the world.

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Sheraton Poznan
Sheraton Poznan
Adresa: Bukowska 3/9
 Vezi harta
Localitate: Poznan
Distanta: 1.7 km
Situat în zona centrală, la cca 100 m distanță de gară.
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